Monday, July 2, 2007

Finnish Words 1

I've been listening to CMX - a wonderful Finnish band. I only have one album - Pedot, but just heard their new single Kuolemaantuomitut - which probably means Sentenced to Death, as kuolemantuomio means death sentence. I don't understand the double 'a'. Happy Finnish songs!;)
It was recommended by my Finnish mate on who said it was being played on the radio. I'll check out the lyrics some time when I have time.

kuolema - death
kuolematon - immortal (I just love the sound of this word)

Two more words learnt from a CMX song - Surunmurhaaja.
murhaaja means assassin, cutthroat.
suru is a very important word for Finnish songs - it means grief, bereavement, mourning:D
So the name of the song means something like Mourning Ninja. LOL:)


Vesa said...

Comment about translations of the CMX song titles: Surunmurhaaja could be translated Murderer of Sorrow. He is a happy person :D

Hazel Baggins said...

thanks a million! My Finnish grammar is rudimentary, and I guess meanings of cases intuitively. thanks again:)kiitos!:D