Thursday, June 28, 2007


Which means understand.
With Finnish I was reminded of the eternal piece of wisdom that you need to make an effort just to remain on the same level in ANY pursuit.

So, let me see what I remember after exactly one month without studying.

Te käytte kaupassa. You go to the shop.
Kuka asua keskusstassa? Who lives in the center?
Sinä tiedat paljon? You know a lot.
Me menemme yhdessä. We go together.
He tavaavat Mannerheimitiellä. They meet at Mennerheimiti?
Ketkä haluavat puhua englantiaa? Who wants to speak English?
Me tarvitsemme suolaa. We need salt.
Minä ostan leipää. I take bread.
Ketkä ymmärtävät hyvin suomea? Who understands Finnish well?
Hän puhuu myös ruotsia. He speaks also Swedish.

Ok, I seem to remember bits and pieces, but I used to be a linguistic genius:) I only used this site twice.
Seriously, I couldn't figure out the the infinitive of Katoan (a great Viikate song).

Edit October 2007: the infinitive is kadota - to disappear:)

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