Saturday, November 10, 2007


I installed RealPlayer ( I know, I know) only to be able to watch the study videos here. Hopefully more later on, too.

Anteeksi! Sorry!

Tiina Hei, anteeksi, että mä sanoin niin tyhmästi eilen. Mä olin niin väsynyt.
Harri: Ei se mitään. Saat anteeksi. Mennäänkö syömään?
Tiina: Mennään.

She: Hello, sorry that I spoke so foolishly yesterday. I was so tired.
He: For nothing. You are pardoned. Shall we go and eat?
She: Let's go.

I understood that as I read it, which I wouldn't have as I watched the video. Understanding spoken language has always been harder for me than reading comprehension.

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