Monday, October 22, 2007

Ymmärra Suomea

I started with the first lesson in the course Ymmärrä Suomea. There is also a glossary (sanosto) and a grammatical explanation which goes with every lesson. There is a recording which is too fast for me, so I listened to it 5 times. It gets better but not much better, as it is realistic speed of talking.
The answers to the questions below are as follows.

On vuoden ensimmäinen kuukausi. Its the first month of the year. (the text says it's tammikuu - January).

Irina on joussut koko päivän liikkeestä liikkeeseen. Irina has run all day from shop to shop. (Liike means the same as kauppa (shop), used in the text. )

Irinalla on vasemmassa nilkassa kova tuska. Irina has a severe pain in her left ankle. (Kova tuska means the same as valtava kipu.)

Irinaa auttaa lähellä oleva henkilö. The nearby person helps Irina. (This was the trickiest one, as I didn't notice for a long time that the first word was Irinaa, that is, it is NOT the subject, but the object. Phew!)

Lääkäri tarkistaa Irinan nilkan. The doctor checks Irina's ankle. Tarkistaa is a synonym of tutkia.

Irina on iloinen, kun hän päässee kotiin. Irina is happy when she is let to go home.

This is tough. Kova tuska:D

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