Sunday, September 2, 2007

Uusi Kieleni

This means my new language. I spent a few days reading a grammar book, which provided comprehensive, although unconventional insight into Finnish grammar. So when I saw the fantastic site , I understood it meant our new language. I'll link it and visit it often.

About possessive pronouns - as all things Finnish, they are replaced by suffixes:

ystäväni * my friend
ystäväsi * your friend
ystävänsä * his_her friend
ystävämme * our friend
ystävänne * your friend
ystävänsä * their friend

There is no distinction between 3rd person singular and plural. In spoken language, thank God, suffixes can be omitted, and replaced by the pronouns minun, sinun, hänen, meidän, teidän, heidän.

More on possessive suffixes here.

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