Thursday, April 19, 2007

Omistuslause (Yeah, right, possessive)

Minulla on koira. I have a dog.
Sinulla on kissa. You have a cat.
Hänellä on parveke. He¤she has a balcony.

Meillä on uusi auto. We have a new car.
Teillä on vahna televisio. You have an old TV.
Heillä on tietokone. They have a computer.

With proper nouns the nightmare continues.

Radalla on piano. Rada has a piano.
Mihaellä on tietokonepeli. Mihael has a computer game. (an important word, the last one!)

But the real torture is with the negative, as it requires partitive. No shit.

Minulla ei ole koiraa. I don't have a dog.
Sinulla ei ole kissaa. You don't have a cat.
Hänellä ei ole parveketta. He/she doesnt have any balcony.

Meillä ei ole uutta autoa. We don't have an new car.
Teillä ei ole vahnaa televisiota. You don't have an old TV.
Heillä ei ole tietokonetta. They don't have a computer.

Radalla ei ole pianoa. Rada doesn't have a piano.
Mihaellä ei ole tietokonepelejä. Mihael doesn't have a computer game. (The partitive of peli /game is "pelejä" which I found out with blood sweat and tears. And some linguistic intuition!)


Minulla on kiire. I am busy. Minulla ei ole kiire.

Sinulla on nälkä. You are hungry. Sinulla ei ole nälkä.

Hanellä on kylmä. He is cold. Hanellä ei ole kylmä.

Apparently the negative does not require partitive here, or these words are special.

Next: Translation of my favorite Viikate song at the moment - He eivät hengitä (They dont breathe).


akf said...

Well actually "pelejä" is the plural partitive form of "peli".
And before you add "lla" to a name ending with a consonant you have to put "i" in between.

Mihaellä ei ole tietokonepelejä. Mihae does not have computer games.

Mihaelillä ei ole tietokonepelejä. Mihael does not have computer games.

hazel said...

Thank you! I only now found your comment.